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Natural Weight loss

Golden Saffron helps curb your appetite by reducing snack cravings throughout the day. It brightens your mood, which helps fight the temptation to eat compulsively because of depression and gain weight. By enhancing your mood, the Golden Saffron will reduce your unhealthy snacking habits, and help shed those extra pounds naturally!

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Appetite management

One of the greatest ways to shed weight is to induce appetite control so that we only take in the food that our body truly needs. With the Golden Saffron, you can kick all that emotional eating to the curb, and experience a strong decrease in appetite. Eat everything you want, but eat smart!

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Natural metabolism balance

For centuries people have been using saffron to naturally regulate metabolism. A pinch of the Golden Saffron daily will help you balance out irregularities in your digestive tract and keep you fit and healthy.

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Natural Anti-depression Factors

Did you know that multiple studies have found Saffron to be as effective for mild to moderate depression? This means that along with the weight-loss benefits, Golden Saffron will also helps naturally handle the mood-related factors of your fluctuating weight. Golden Saffron will help you stay happy and healthy.

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Increased Energy

Golden Saffron is a great for boosting energy and combating bad moods, depression or anxiety. The calming vibes and the mental comfort will overtake your unnecessary stress, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Bone Builder

Golden Saffron boosts the uptake of calcium from the food that we eat into our bones, increasing bone density and helping you, when taken with a balanced diet, reduce the future risk of osteoporosis.

Weight Loss

Golden Saffron will balance your metabolism, reduce sugar and snack cravings, and encourage quick weight loss! Our product’s magic lies in that it is a highly concentrated extract formulated to combat overeating, weight gain, emotional eating and compulsive snacking. The mood brightening qualities of the Saffron spice will help you control your emotional snacking and compulsive eating. Saffron is the natural way to weight loss.

Stress Release

Saffron has been hailed by many studies as one of the most natural remedies out there to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. The Golden Saffron will help your brain make its “happy hormones,” meaning increasing serotonin reuptake. This is particularly helpful for menstruating or pregnant women, whose hormonal imbalances often lead to depression and anxiety.

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How Our Supplement Works:

Golden Saffron primarily works as an enzyme-balancing natural remedy. Consequentially, a regulated and balanced metabolism leads to

  • Increased Serotonin reuptake
  • Reduced hunger cravings and compulsive overeating
  • Increased excretory activity
  • Efficient metabolic and circulatory activity

All of these features will curb your appetite, increase your blood circulation, reduce risks of gastrointestinal disorders, stimulate metabolism, maintain blood sugar, and regulate fat levels. Moreover, the serotonin reuptake reduces compulsive, emotional, or 'bored' eating, and is helpful for men and women alike. You will feel less irritable, less prone to binge eating and snacking, and helps you take charge of your hunger pangs all without any side effects!


Supplement Features

Supplement Basics

Saffron is famous as a natural color and a spice, but it has also been used as a natural therapy in Asia for hundreds of years. Golden Saffron Extract combines all the ingredients of a standard saffron, adds to them extra metabolism-friendly ingredients to help you can shed weight in a completely natural way with no side effects.

Supplement Features

  • Made With Best Quality Saffron
  • Enhances Mood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Supports weight management
  • Increases metabolism
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    Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: One vegetarian capsule containing 88.5mg saffron extract
  • Servings Per Container: 60
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    Magical Ingredients

    Our Golden Saffron extract is made of the perfect combination of all the magical ingredients guaranteed to make you shed those extra pounds.

    Suggested Usage

    As a dietary Supplement, take one (1) capsule twice (2) a day. Take half-an-hour before a meal for maximum efficiency, or take it as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Always consult a physician before using this supplement, particularly if you are an expecting or nursing mother, or if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If you find that the safety seal is damaged or is missing, refrain from using it.
  • Store in a cold and dry place.
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    Supplement Process

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    Burn Calories

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    Moderate Appetite

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    Increase Energy

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    Happy Life


    Magical Ingredient

    Saffron Extract Improve Your Diet
    Low-Carb Diets

    Normally your body burns carbohydrates for fuel. When you drastically cut carbs, the body goes into a metabolic state called ketosis, and it begins to burn its own fat for fuel. While keeping low-carb diet you may feel hunger and also your body will suffer from lack of some important vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. At this point, Saffron Extract will fuel your body with the sufficient vitamins and it also reduces craving and feeling hunger. Thus, keeping ketogenic diet will be easier that it was before!

    Common intermittent fasting methods involve daily 16-hour fasts or fasting for 24 hours, twice per week. Fasting has been a practice throughout human evolution. Ancient hunter-gatherers didn't have supermarkets, refrigerators or food available year-round. Sometimes they couldn't find anything to eat. As a result, humans evolved to be able to function without food for extended periods of time. There are three types of IF. The 16/8 method, Eat-Stop-Eat, and The 5:2 diet. In all these methods feeling hunger cannot be undeniable. Hunger is the main side effect of intermittent fasting. At this stage, Saffron Extract will do the duty of reducing hunger and stop craving. So it is easiest to stick to your diet.

    In Jenny Craig diet, Besides Jenny Craig prepackaged meals, you can also have fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduced-fat dairy products. Jenny Craig’s approach focuses on choosing low-fat foods that are rich in water, fiber, and protein to fill you up. In general, you can eat as many no starchy vegetables (like tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers) as you want. As mentioned before, Saffron extract plays it's part with providing enough minerals and also making people forget their hunger and emotional eating.

    Veganism is defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, whether for food, clothing or any other purpose. For these reasons, the vegan diet is devoid of all animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy. People choose to follow a vegan diet for various reasons. These usually range from ethics to environmental concerns, but they can also stem from a desire to improve health. Nevertheless, a diet based exclusively on plant foods may, in some cases, increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies. By consuming Saffron Extract Dieters can make their diet safer. They can complete their deficiencies in vitamins and some nutrition. They also will be able to stop their craving and reduce feeling hunger and stay on their diet more and more.

    The Atkins diet, or Atkins nutritional approach, focuses on controlling the sugar levels in the body through a low-carbohydrate diet. If people consume large amounts of refined carbohydrates, their blood sugar levels rise and fall rapidly. Rising blood sugar levels trigger the body to store energy from the food that is consumed, making it less likely that the body will use stored fat as a source of energy. Therefore, people on the Atkins diet avoid carbohydrates but can eat as much protein and fat as they like. Eating not enough amount of carbs will make you feel hungry in great propotion of times. Golden Saffron Extract supplement will reduce your appetite and make you overcome all obstacles in your diet.

    The Zone diet aims for a nutritional balance of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fats, and 30 percent protein in each meal. The focus is also on controlling blood sugar levels, which may result in more successful weight loss and body weight control than other approaches. The Zone diet encourages the consumption of high-quality carbohydrates - unrefined carbohydrates, and fats, such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts. While you keep your carbs level in 40 percent, feeling hunger could be a problem. With adding Golden Saffron Extract to your daily diet, there will be no more feeling hunger or emotional eating.

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