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  • 100% Premium Saffron

  • 100% Pure Saffron Threads/Filaments

  • Grade 1 (Super Negin All Red)

  • Fresh Premium Quality Saffron

  • Pure Wieght 0.18 Ounce (5 Grams)

  • Satisfaction garantee

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Was $34.95 Now $29.95

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Rated 5/5based on 12 customer reviews

Jenny Mark 20/03/2020 ( I recommend this product)

I am literally in love with it. Nice package. The saffron itself is high quality, amazingly natural red and the aroma has a heavenly smell. It's premium as they claim. Perfect for a gift or for home cooking. Really good catch for a price paid.

Abdulla zeidi 29/02/2020 ( I recommend this product)

I have been using Saffron for more than 10 years and have never been satisfied with the routine available saffron in local stores. But Persian Saffron is very different. Their price is fair and their saffron quality was perfect .I will buy again soon.

Shaila Cortinez 11/02/2020 ( I recommend this product)

This is the best online saffron I have found so far. I am the private chef in a household that favors Middle Eastern, Indian and Vegan dishes. It is premium and Whenever I use it in the dishes every one fell in love with my dish The container is beautiful and forms a tight seal and it’s also safe to keep saffron there since glass packages can be broken and then all the saffron should go to garbage since it’s going to get mixed with glass pieces but with this packaging I won’t lose a single thread.

ortega manson 01/02/2020 ( I recommend this product)

I typically use Spanish saffron but did a little research; users suggested golden Persian saffron as the best .So I ordered 5 grams to see if that’s true. It is fantastic. It has a pure taste and a beautiful deep redishorange color when have it in hot water prior to users were right it’s really greater than Spanish saffron. It is delicious, have better smell and color compare to Spanish saffron.

Bryan 02/07/2019 ( I recommend this product)

The saffron arrived quickly and exactly as described. I was very pleased with the packaging and surprised to find a list of recipes included in the package. I have used this saffron to make rice several times now and the color and flavor is some of the best I have ever had. I will be ordering from Golden Saffron again, that is for sure.

William Cowper 04/02/2019 ( I recommend this product)

I only ordered two but will know to order plenty the next time, it's that good. I recommend it.

Divina 11/07/2018 ( I recommend this product)

This Saffron is beautiful, it's excellent flavor and quality. It is worth looking into the healing properties of Saffron. I trust this Saffron and this seller. The quality, flavor, color and smell are always of highest standard.

Surya Prakash 30/01/2018 ( I recommend this product)

It is very good, whenever I open the bottle I feel the aroma which I love, I use saffron in milk to carrot halwa, Kheer, shreekhand and rice to change their test, I like the aroma and colour of saffron. Also the bottle packing. There are saveral product but dong go to buy cheap products.

Jayden 12/09/2017 ( I recommend this product)

As we all know, this spice is very scarcely produced and requires special farms to even come close to a decent amount of Saffron. This brand has a vivid deep red color and envelopes the entire palette of my loose teas. I hope this brand is here to stay because I don’t want to have to switch to any other one.

Makai Genovese 11/04/2017 ( I recommend this product)

Received it promptly. I ordered it for flavor and health benefits. Tried it in my chicken broth and now it definitely has a more high quality taste also I feel better about making my body more healthy with just a pinch of the Golden Saffron. I can't wait to put it in some of my other dishes! Defiantly going to re order in the future.

History Guy 27/07/2016 ( I recommend this product)

I bought the tin, and am happy. As good as any saffron I've used, and as other reviews said, pinches go a long way. The screw-on cap (rather than snap-on) prevent waste as others have mentioned.

Viva La Vida 18/08/2015 ( I recommend this product)

The color is fabulous. I can't comment on how effective it is as I only started using it. I am hoping for health benefits. I had originally given four stars, but remeasured and found each delicate strand is quarter size long - so a well-earned 5 stars!


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