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  • 100% Premium Saffron

  • 100% Pure Saffron Threads/Filaments

  • Grade 1 (Super Negin All Red)

  • Fresh Premium Quality Saffron

  • Pure Wieght 0.36 Ounce (10 Grams)

  • Satisfaction garantee

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  • Grade 1 Persian Saffron Saffron
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Pack of Rose Buds
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  • Grade 1 Persian Saffron Saffron
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  • Free Pack of Rose Buds
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  • Grade 1 Persian Saffron Saffron
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  • Price per gram $4.00
Rated 5/5based on 11 customer reviews

linda ortez 16/01/2020 ( I recommend this product)

Nice flavor, Amazing Smell, Beautiful color, very elegantly packaged and good prices, Its Perfect! I love it in all my foods.

lisa atar 14/08/2019 ( I recommend this product)

I ordered 10 grams. I loved the quality of their Persian saffron. I use it for my sensitive skin masks and Its totally works while it release a perfect smell in my mask.

Tajia 24/05/2019 ( I recommend this product)

Product was shipped on time as scheduled. Quality is excellent. A small amount makes a good dish taste great. I am very happy with it and will continue to use it. I would like to know of other products from the same distributor.

Steve 10/01/2019 ( I recommend this product)

Anyone who appreciates the lovely quality that saffron imparts in their cooking, this product will not disappoint. As far as the cost, I believe this is a good value, but I'll have to check my local grocery who sells saffron in small glass vials. I like purchasing in the quantity, the can seals well, maybe the addition of a silica-gel pack might help preserve. As others have indicated, the brilliant red color is NOT a dye, the threads retain their color.

Haggis 19/11/2018 ( I recommend this product)

ok, so I was trying my hand at Persian rice and ran out of Saffron. Buying it at the local grocery store I was put off by the price. As with most things I thought, I bet amazon has a better deal... This led to the rabbit hole of what exactly Saffron is and why you want to consume the best possible quality. I spent about $200 on various types/varieties of saffron. I researched the medical/biblical uses of saffron and landed on two favorites. This is #1. A Spanish company is the second. I am making tea daily with this for my eye sight along with clitoria turnatea, and I’m not kidding, it has helped. I make rice with about 8 threads and my family of 5 eats all of it. Good price and I believe, good quality. I’m no expert, but I am Thorough and tend to aim for quality.

Kristine Johannessen 17/07/2018 ( I recommend this product)

I have ordered lower quality saffron my entire life because it's expensive, but after finding out that it helps with Depression (for my husband,) anxiety & psoriasis (for myself.) I had decided to take an herbal approach which meant that if i was going to use it medicinally then i should order the best. And i did just that. Was extremely happy to open my tin & see the superiority first hand. Deep coloring, no need to pinch to get odor. Taste was beyond what i was used to. A+++ all around, will never order from another company again. Thank you Golden Saffron!

Birch 14/03/2018 ( I recommend this product)

I can't find anything negative to say about the product, nor it packaging. The product is excellent. The insert is another matter. What comes with the product is a product insert, which is quite long, since it contains recipes. But, some of the recipes don't have an ingredients list -- that is to say -- there are no quantities listed for the recipe ingredients for some of the recipes. But this should not stop you from buying this product. The insert provides preparation instructions and cautionary statements. Enjoy!

John 05/09/2017 ( I recommend this product)

I looked online for some easy ways to see if this was real saffron. The fragrance smelled legit, the stems floated and didn't immediately absorb water. the color was light yellow and leeched out slowly. And when rubbed while in water it didn't wall apart into dust, but broke like twigs. The opposite of these tests will show a fake saffron. Thanks for being professional!

Thamnosma 08/05/2017 ( I recommend this product)

Just starting to use saffron. Always heard it was expensive. It is. However, I spent a little extra on this based on reviews and general info. Have used it several times and find it to be high quality. Dry but not dried out. Easy to work with in terms of crushing. Nice container. Happy with this.

Lucia 13/09/2016 ( I recommend this product)

I've purchased saffron from many sources over the decades and was extremely impressed by this product. It is truly the real deal; it is very fragrant, the color is superb, and the packaging is better than most. I immediately made a tea and rice with it as a test and both were spot on, just what I look for in saffron. Golden saffron does it right and I will be sure to use them in the years to come. The packaging informed me that Golden saffron is a small family business dedicated to quality. That appears to be true because it looks like they take care to provide a high-quality

Mars 19/10/2015 ( I recommend this product)

My Persian girlfriend cooked for me some traditional food. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of food. She told me about her secret ingredient -"Saffron". After dinner I came home and did a research about Saffron. Wow! soon much benefits! Happy with my purchase!


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