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01 2020

Saffron Orange Chicken

This is one of my favorite types of chicken since it smells like orange farm and it has an amazing taste.I always try to cook this one in fall and winter while we have fresh oranges.

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06 2019

Meat and veggies stew (vij vij)

This is one of the oldest recipe in our family which is always recommended in situations that we dont have enough time to spend on cooking.This food is very healthy and natural which include all the ingredients which needs for the body.

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03 2019

Tah Chin Persian cuisine

This is an amazing food which is mostly served in Persian ceremonies and is also served for special guests or special occasions.i strongly recommend this food for family occasions.

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01 2019

Grilled Salmon with Saffron

This Salmon recipe is the one that i have always made when i have an precious guests mostly in holidays when family comes around. It has amazing smell of Saffron and butter with the taste of onion and Garlic around should try it once.

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09 2018

How To Use Saffron For Different Purposes!

Saffron is considered as one of the best spices all over the world and rightly so. For one thing, it's the most expensive of all spices and for another, it has a lot of health benefits. The reason for the high cost of Saffron is because the threads are obtained from the stigma of a special flower known as saffron crocus, plus the harvesting of the spice is done manually. However, just a little bit of saffron can suffice for any intended purpose and saffron seasoning doesn’t a cost a lot more than other seasonings.

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04 2018

How to Make Pear Desert

This is one of my favorite desert recipes, its easy and it ends up with the amazingly delicious desert.It's natural,Healthy and easy to make.

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01 2018

Saffron and Raisin Bread

This bread has nice and amazing smell of saffron with the sweetness of raisin and its an amazing breakfast bread recipe that i would like to share with you!

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10 2017

Saffron Smoothie

One of the good sources of calcium in the body is milk and banana. So, when you prepare smoothie with them included, it can supply your body with its daily need of calcium in one single dish. Saffron is a great fat burner and is a good drink to take before any workout.

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08 2017

How to cook Saffron Risotto

Risotto is a traditional Italian food that can be found in every part of Italy. The dish is known to have positive digestive results. Add the benefits of saffron to this food and you can be sure of a lot of other health benefits.

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06 2017

How to make Double Roasted Scallops

Scallop is a delicious seafood and it’s a good source of protein. Adding saffron and butter to the preparation of scallops brings out an amazing taste from this seafood.

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04 2017

How to make Vegie mixed Couscous

A good news is that there a nutrition that we can replace it as rice family and it has less calories and more digestive benefits and these facts of couscous helps it to be a good piece of nutrition plan while loosing weight.

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02 2017

Traditional Persian Saffron Ice Cream

Saffron ice cream is well-known in Iran and it’s one of the oldest deserts. In Iran, it’s a common to use it after every lunch or dinner, particularly in occasions and family parties. One good thing about traditional Persian saffron ice cream is that it’s not difficult to make and is very delicious!

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10 2016

Yogurt and Saffron Stew

There are so many famous Persian dishes that contain saffron and this is one of the most delicious ones that comes originally from north of Iran.It is really healthy and delicious dish which can be served with saffron rice and the combination of these two is more than awesome!

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07 2016

Traditional Persian Saffron Rice

Saffron is widely used in most of Persian dishes, especially when serving guests or for special occasions in Iran. The Saffron rice recipe has amazing look and smell, and tastes great.

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06 2016

How to Brew the Perfect Persian Cup of Tea (Chai)

A well-brewed cup of hot tea is a favourite for welcoming of visitors in any Iranian home. In Iran, tea is the choice beverage, as it can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A cup of hot tea always means sitting together with family and friends, and talking

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