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Recent Studies Results on Health Facts of Saffron



The medical properties of saffron has made it one of the sought after spice all over the world. Some recent studies about saffron in 2016 has suggested that saffron can equally be used as an diaphoretic, aphrodisiac, and carminative, as well as to bring about menstruation.

Here are some benefits of this amazing spice:

Prevents the growth of cancer

Saffron contains crocin, a water soluble carotene, which gives saffron its golden color. This crocin in saffron triggers the death of cancer cells in different types of human cancer cells. A group of researchers in U.S. who had been studying saffron have found that the spice contains active components that have the ability of inhibiting human malignant cells.

Memory retention

Some studies in earlier January 2016 have discovered that the extracts of saffron, particularly the crocin extract is very effective in the treatment of mental impairment that results as a result of aging. In addition, saffron is used in the treatment of memory loss, Parkinson’s disease and inflammation in Japan.

Delayed puberty:

Saffron somewhat have a general stimulant effect on underdeveloped girls. Crushing a pinch of saffron in a table spoon of milk can help stimulate the hormones to bring about the desired effect.

Increase vitality

Saffron can be used as a sexual stimulate for individuals with low libido. For best result, saffron should be mixed in a glass of milk and drank before bedtime.

In patchy baldness

Saffron can induce hair growth when mixed with milk and liquorice, and applied on the affected scalp.

Food Additives

Saffron is just the perfect healthful ingredient to be added to any type of dish. This will bring out the magical flavour and natural colour in the food, making it very tasty.

Mood Healer

Saffron is a good mood healer. A recent study in Canada administered crocin to 40 patients with major depression problems for a period of 9 months. The patients were made to take crocin along with their usual psychiatric medications. At the end of the period, it was discovered the patients have made significant improvement in their conditions, as a result of the added medication with the saffron extract, crocin.

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