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Cardamom can make you healthy: 9 scientifically-backed benefits!


Cardamom can make you healthy: 10 scientifically-backed benefits

Cardamom is a spice extracted from the seeds of some plants in the species of Elettaria and Amomum in the Zingiberaceae family.

There are basically two main types of cardamom: True or green cardamom, from the species Elettaria and black cardamom, which is greater, longer, larger, comes from the species Amomum.

Its origins root in India but today, it is available all over the world.

Cardamom has an intensive, unique taste, with a likely strongly aromatic scent and resinous fragrance.

Black cardamom has a smokier, though not bitter, smell with a sort of coolness similar to mint.

Green cardamom is of the costly spices. However, just a little of it is enough to impart the flavor.

It is better to store them in the form of pod since ground cardamom or exposed form of seeds lose their flavor quickly.

Grinding the seeds and the pods both together can lower its quality and price.

Because of its flavor and highly beneficial properties, this spice is used in both savory and sweet recipes.

No matter in which form, the oil, seeds, and extracts of cardamom are believed to have impressive medicinal advantages used in traditional cures for centuries.

Some benefits of cardamom are listed here according to science.

Cardamom can help fight cancer

Cardamom can be a potential cancer fighter.

The compounds hidden in cardamom can help fight cancer cells.

The spice can also enhance natural killer cells’ ability to attack tumors.

Some studies on mice indicated that cardamom powder might enhance the activity of certain enzymes helping fight cancer.

However, research on human cancer cells and cardamom show similar results too.

One study revealed that a certain compound in this spice prevents the oral cancer cells from multiplying in a test-tube.

Though these results are promising, more tests should be conducted on humans.

Cardamom can help with digestion problem

Cardamom, for thousands of years, has been used to help with digestive problems.

Mostly it’s been mixed with some other medicinal spices to relieve stomach issues like nausea, discomfort and vomiting.

Cardamom can modulate blood pressure

Cardamom, with its antioxidant and diuretic properties, can lower blood pressure.

Researchers, according to some conducted studies, suspect that the spice can lower blood pressure because of its diuretic effect; it means it can promote urination to remove water built up in the body, like around the heart.

Cardamom powder also might Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

Cardamom can help with inflammation

Due to its Anti-Inflammatory Effects, this magical spice also can protect the body from Chronic Diseases. Cardamom is a powerful source in compounds fighting inflammation.

When the body is exposed to some foreign substances, inflammation occurs.

According to some research, acute inflammation is beneficial, yet the long-term form of it may lead to some chronic diseases.

This spice, as a source of antioxidants, protect our cells from damage and ceases inflammation.

Cardamom can help treat bad breath

There has been an ancient remedy to use cardamom for treating bad breath and increase oral health.

People of many cultures eat cardamom pods to freshen their breath after a meal.

Some chewing gum manufacturers use it in some of their products.

Since it can fight common mouth bacteria that cause dental cavities, it helps to have minty, fresh breath.

This spice can improve our Breathing and Oxygen Use.

Compounds found in cardamom can help increase airflow to our lungs and improve our breathing.

In aromatherapy, cardamom provides an exhilarating scent and aroma that may enhance our body’s ability to use the oxygen during an exercise.

The other way cardamom can improve our breathing and oxygen use is by relaxing our airways. This spice can significantly be helpful in the treatment of asthma.

Cardamom can help treat infection

Cardamom might Treat Infections for its Antibacterial Effects outside of the mouth.

According to some Research, cardamom extracts and vital oils contain some compounds fighting many common strains of bacteria through inhibiting their growth.

Some other research indicated that essential oils of cardamom can fight the bacteria Salmonella, which contributes to fungal infections or food poisoning, and Campylobacter that leads to stomach inflammation.

Cardamom can help reduce stress and anxiety

The high antioxidant levels in it can prevent anxiety, liver enlargement and even can help weight loss.

A study showed that cardamom extract can prevent some anxious behaviors since low blood levels of antioxidants are linked to the growth of anxiety and many mood disorders.

Cardamom can help reduce the risk of fatty liver

Cardamom extract can lower elevated liver enzymes, cholesterol levels and triglyceride.

It can also stop liver enlargement and prevent liver weight, leading to a reduction of the risk of fatty liver.

Cardamom for culinary purposes

Generally, Using Cardamom spice is safe for most people. It is most common to use it in cooking or baking.

It’s often added to Indian curries and stews, or even gingerbread cookies, bread and other baked foods.

The use of cardamom seeds, extracts, supplements, and oils is likely to become more common for its medicinal uses, while adding spice to the foods is the safest way.

There are many recipes to use cardamom in our daily diet, like cardamom milk, cardamom tea or chai.

Cardamom milk is a way healthy, delicious, warm and soothing milk that is flavored with cardamom pods, a fabulous beverage of winter bedtime, made in no time.

A beneficial drink suited for any age from one-year-old babies above to adults. This is a good change to our usual routine.

The bottom-line

Cardamom as an ancient remedy might have various medicinal properties.

It can improve breathing, lower blood pressure and help weight loss.

Some animal and also test-tube studies indicate that cardamom can fight tumors, fight against bacteria, improve anxiety and also protect the liver.

Adding cardamom to your beverages, baking, or cooking can be a safe and effective way of improving health.

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