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4 adorable saffron types to cheer tasteful saffron lovers


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Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. People usually use it for culinary purposes for its delightful flavor and aroma. Also, for a long time, Asian people have used it as a natural remedy.

Saffron can help boost mood and energy, improve metabolism, and reduce inflammation. The quality and price of saffron rely chiefly on its type.

Saffron has different types, such as Sargol, Super Negin, and Negin, which are identified by how saffron is trimmed.

In this article, we answered the following questions:

  • What is the difference between Sargol, Super Negin, Negin, and Pushal saffron?
  • What makes them different? Which one is the best choice?

Let's jump into it.


In the Persian language, people call it Sargol because it is derived from the top of the saffron threads.

Still, many local Persian people call it "Sar Ghalam", which can be translated as "top of the thread".

It is necessary to consider its short threads and red color to identify Sargol Saffron.

It has excellent quality, wonderful flavor, and crimson red color, but it is not as high quality as Super-Negin Saffron as it contains broken threads.

Super Negin Saffron

The best type of Negin Saffron is what experts call Super-Negin Saffron.

In contrast to Sargol Saffron, Super-Negin doesn't contain crumbled and broken strands.

Moreover, if add it into a plate you can see that the threads of Super-Negin Saffron are not interwoven, in contrast to Sargol Saffron.

Super-Negin Saffron threads' color is crimson red, exactly the same as Sargol Saffron.

Negin Saffron

The length of threads in Negin saffron is longer or equal to Super Negin.

Although Negin saffron has a remarkable purity, taste, and aroma, it contains some yellow parts that deteriorate this type's quality.

The quality of Negin saffron is usually lower than Super Negin; therefore, we suggest the second Super Negin Saffron. To buy the highest quality of it, you can purchase directly from our website.

Pushal Saffron

Pushal saffron which is the lowest quality of saffron, contains the white parts. It usually contains about 1-3 mm of white part.

Pushal Saffron can be found in low-grade retailers, and its price is lower than other types of saffron. Also, its price varies due to its quality.

Bottom line

There are four different types of saffron in the market: Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, and Pushal. All these types vary based on quality and type of harvesting.

The highest quality of all of them is Super Negin Saffron which is longer than all other types and is fully crimson in color.

Author's Name

Author: Zoe Grace Carter

Zoe Grace Carter is a passionate food scientist with a remarkable academic background, holding a PhD from the prestigious Cornell University. At the youthful age of 30, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of culinary exploration. Zoe is on a mission to unravel the mysteries of saffron and share her insights with the world through her captivating writings on Goldensaffron.com.

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