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Benefits of buying saffron wholesale


Buy Saffron in Bulk from Reliable Saffron Suppliers

In this short article, we will show you how to find the top saffron wholesalers in Iran and how to purchase saffron from them. Individuals and trading businesses in saffron-producing nations or middle countries can work as your saffron supplier, but you must remember that selecting the right supplier can have a significant impact on your profit margin and the future of your business.

Discover the finest saffron at Buy saffron and elevate your culinary experience. Explore the richness of this premium spice, sourced directly from reputable growers for an authentic and flavorful addition to your dishes.

Purchasing saffron from saffron merchants who try to capture suppliers' attention by providing low prices in exchange for lower-quality saffron is one of the most typical blunders. Buying directly from farmers, in our opinion, is not a suitable approach to avoid dealing with middlemen on a global scale. Traditional farmers produce more than 90% of saffron without access to adequate standard analysis, processing, and packaging technology. They also lack the necessary expertise and instruments to trade on a global scale, resulting in severe losses for both sides. As a consequence, saffron importers should place their faith in organizations that are active in all stages of the saffron supply and value chain and can guarantee that they will receive a standard product.

Exploring the Variety of Iranian Saffron

Because of Iran's foreign trade limitations, most saffron goods available in India, Afghanistan, China, and Spain are Iranian-repackaged saffron. They import saffron from Iran, repackage it, and resell it under their label rather than Iran's. This is why we recommended purchasing straight from Iran.

Here are a few advantages of buying saffron directly from a supplier. For example, if you buy saffron from a third-party dealer, you will save a lot of money. Esfedan and the bulk of Iranian saffron wholesalers produce and export four types of saffron. Iranian saffron comes in several varieties, including Negin, Super Negin, Sargol, and Pushal.

Super Negin saffron is often regarded as the best available. Super Negin saffron has all red saffron threads. It is carefully picked and dried using time-honored procedures that many saffron growers have used for years. Negin is a kind of saffron that is grown and marketed by saffron wholesalers. Negin is rated as Iran's second-best saffron. Sargol saffron is the most popular kind of Iranian saffron. Sargol translates as "flower's tip" in English, alluding to the apex of the saffron blossom.

Among the three Iranian saffron kinds, Pushal saffron is recognized as having the lowest quality. The presence of a few yellow specks at the bottom of the saffron threads distinguishes Pushal from other types of saffron.

Quantity-Based Pricing Of Wholesale Saffron Buying

Our organization sources its products directly from partner farmers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This enables us to provide competitive pricing to our consumers. We provide a wide variety of saffron, each with its pricing range. The price of our items is determined by the quantity of your purchase. We also respect repeat clients and provide exceptional discounts to them. Our saffron products provide an amazing gourmet experience, whether you prefer the vivid threads, powdered organic saffron, or the more traditional kind.

More Savings

Saffron is frequently purchased by restaurants, cafés, shops, and other food-related enterprises. We realize that these firms are attempting to earn money by including this beautiful spice on their ingredient list, therefore we provide the most competitive pricing for the best quality saffron. So, if you want to buy high-quality saffron at a low price, please inquire about our shop.

Persian saffron wholesale is available in a variety of weights and quality. As previously said, all of our items are chosen to satisfy several requirements for high-quality saffron, but clients have a variety of alternatives to choose from. Furthermore, depending on how much saffron a consumer buys, the price can be considerably cheaper. That means you can utilize our service to ensure you get the greatest goods at the best price.

There are several types of Iranian saffron available

Iranian Saffron providers can provide you with any type of Iranian wholesale saffron you want. Our merchandise contains all types of Iranian saffron, including:

  1. Negin saffron (Super Negin, Exported Negin, and Regular Negin)
  2. Sargol saffron
  3. Saffron pushal
  4. Dasteh saffron/Bunch saffron

All forms of Iranian saffron, as well as saffron powder, are of the highest quality, and the quality and coloring strength of our saffron exceed the industry standard.

There Are Current Bulk Saffron Cartons Available

There are current wholesale saffron cartons available. In Iranian wholesale saffron, bulk saffron containers are utilized.

  • Metal boxes and plastic bags are used to pack bulk saffron according to the customer's specifications.
  • Iranian wholesale saffron boxes are now as appealing as retail ones, and modern bulk saffron boxes.
  • In addition, we package the saffron in retail cartons. Retail (gift) boxes come in 1-gram, 3-gram, and 5-gram weights.
  • Retail boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including metal boxes, glass jars, and rectangular glass boxes.

1 kilogram should be the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

So, our wholesale services begin at 1k/g, and all production is 100% pure, natural, and organic, with professionals present at all stages of harvesting and processing.


Because of its high price per gram, saffron is known as "red gold." Saffron has several health benefits and can be used as a taste enhancer in drinks and favorite foods. You benefit not only from the flavor and color of saffron but also from its health benefits.

Wholesalers of saffron in Iran produce four unique varieties: Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, and Pushal. These Iranian saffron cultivars are widely utilized across the world, and Iran exports over 300 tons of saffron to other countries each year.

For more information on saffron wholesale, visit Saffron wholesale.

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