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Where does our Saffron Come From ?

Saffron is the name for the threads (stigmas) from the Crocus Sativus flower. There are only 3 saffron stigmas for each individual flower, meaning Saffron is considered one of the rarest spices in the world! In fact, it takes over 80,000 blossoms or 240,000 hand-picked saffron stigmas to make a single pound of this popular product. Our high-quality Persian Saffron is sourced directly from Iran - khorasan where the first saffron flower was discovered. Ensuring consistent quality batches in every single gram!

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Our Persian Saffron is Highest Quality Saffron in the world comes directly from farms

Our Persian Saffron is made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style by hand, making sure there is no breakage or damage to the saffron itself. It’s then Flash-Dried, a method only Persian Saffron has used and perfected, meaning it’s dried so fast that it loses no taste, vitamins, or nutrients in the process. You can test the quality of our saffron with just your eyes. The deep red color is rated at 259.3 points and is considered “Grade I” on the ISO rating scale, far surpassing its 190 point requirement.

What Makes Persian Sargol Saffron So Great?

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One of the best ways to test for freshness is looking at the color of the saffron. Look for a vivid crimson red with stronger red tips. If it’s all dark close to black or light orange,it was probably dyed red or low-quality. Those Sargol Saffron red tips means they’re natural, pure, and very fresh.

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A lot of companies on the market today mix their saffron with other ingredients to weigh down the product and charge more. Again, a great way to check purity is to look for the red tips that prove it wasn’t dyed or broken in the sourcing process.

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When you have a fresh and pure product, you will most likely have a very high-quality saffron.In grade 1 saffron you can not find any stigmas that have any color except deep red. Most saffron products offer their rating grade on their pages. Our Persian Saffron is rated 259.3 by the lab test!

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Compare Persian Grade 1 Saffron with other types of Saffron

Persian Saffron

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  • Our Saffron is a deep, crimson red with those fresh stronger red tips, ensuring quality and taste.
  • Aroma is always strong and fresh.
  • No saffron debris at the bottom of the container, meaning every leaf was hand-separated with care.
  • No other plants mixed in with the red saffron threads. Its all same color, strong red
  • Always Flash-Dried and fresh, sourced directly from the original location of the first saffron flower.
  • Saffron threads are dry, keeping moisture out of the bottle and prolonging life..

Other Types

best persian sargol saffron
  • Saffron threads are light red and have no orange tips - signaling food coloring and dye.
  • Aroma is musty and acrid.
  • Their debris at the bottom shows they used machines to pick and separate stigmas,sacrificing quality and freshness.
  • Competitors use extra plants to weigh down the bottle and charge more for the extra “weight”.
  • Artificial saffron fields have been found which grow inferior plants to be used during saffron’s offseason.
  • Saffron is wet and moist, creating a musty smell and creating a much earlier expiration date.

Our Persian Saffron

Our Saffron grading process is done with in depth analysis on different factors. There are Three most important factors to evaluate saffron quality. color, taste and smell.These factors are the ones should be examined in details.

Persian, Spanish, Kashmiri, Bulgarian, Afghan Saffron grading standards comparison
Type ISO Grade Standards by ISO 3632
Persian 1 259
Spanish 2 > 182
Kashmiri 3 178-182
Bulgarian 4 145-178
Afghan 5 100-145


Saffron & Skin Care

Recent researches prove the amazing impact of saffron on skin health and beauty. It has astonishing impact in lightening the skin and removes the skin dark spots and also scars while it prevent acne. It is also suggested as a strong natural anti-aging material in various skin care products all around the world.

Saffron & Weight Loss

Saffron is one of the natural ingredients that have a significant amount of anti-serotonin which prevent hunger. It is also noticeable that saffron as a natural spice with amazing smell and taste will help our healthy and tasteless foods become more attractive while helping us to lose weight at the same time.

Saffron & Cancer Prevention

In various studies all around the world, scientists are reaching to amazing result regarding the significant impact of saffron to prevent cancer. These studies also indicate that there are various antioxidants in saffron threads which have a strong cancer prevention power.

Saffron & Depression

Since ancient time saffron is used in various regions as happiness ingredient. It is also proven that saffron has a noticeable impact on decreasing depression effects. Recent studies also proved the fact that Alzheimer and its effects on brain can be decreased and prevented by saffron and its inner ingredients.

Saffron is more than Food !

Research is confirming Saffrons’ health benefits for skin ailments, depression and general health conditions.

Saffron Tea ! Heart Disease Protection !

Saffron tea acquires a lot of antioxidants from saffron crocus plant. Due to this,drinking it lowers the danger of cancer and tumors developing. It also lowersthe danger of developing a number of cardiovascular and heart ailments.

Saffron tea is normally utilized in treatment of mental ailments. For instance,it slows down Alzheimer’s illness development. It is used to treat epilepsyalso. Apart from this, it enhances your mood; so it is helpful when battling depression.

When dieting, you can drink saffron tea. Drinking enhances the feeling of fullness, assisting you to reduce weight. It assists also with numerous eye disorders such as macular degeneration (retinitis pigmentosa, for instance) and menstrual problems.

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What are customers say !

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testimonial 1

Yasmin (Los Angeles - United States)

It’s been always so difficult for me to change my routine diet in order to lose weight. I tried different diets and method for weight loss but none of them were efficient for of my Indian friends suggest me to add fresh saffron to my routine diet. I did so for 2 months now I keep losing weight smoothly. I’m not saying its magic but it helps me to feel better about myself without changing anything in my routine diet beside that, with saffron I am experiencing better tastes in every food now and I’m not gaining any weight!

16 December, 2014 - Verified Purchase
testimonial 1

David (Istanbul - Turkey)

I have a restaurant and I used to buy saffron from a nearby supermarkets but I was not happy with the quality. I found this website by chance and that’s the best thing ever happen to me this week. I am more than happy with their quality now and I recommend everybody to try their saffron at least once. I used their product recently it has excellent quality, Well-presented and packaged. I found Nowhere better to obtain it.

30 January, 2015 - Verified Purchase
testimonial 1

Alireza (London, United Kingdom)

I was looking for a natural product that would help me with my bouts of depression so gave Saffron a try. In 2 weeks I could feel the difference in my moods. My wife still says she likes the new me since I have been taking it. For depression Saffron really works and their saffron is really fresh and high quality. Thank you

04 June, 2015 - Verified Purchase
testimonial 1

XinXin Lian (Dalian Shi, Liaoning, China)

I have sensitive skin and I always have issues with my acne and their spots. I used so many different cures but none of them works as well as saffron mask. I used it for a month and I experience a new skin mode. I love the quality of saffron they offered and I wish I found them sooner.

03 April, 2015 - Verified Purchase facebook
testimonial 1

Munaff (Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir)

I have had issues my whole adult life with my triglycerides. It is kind of Gene based heritage from my parents! My lowest ever was 225 in September. I heard from my friends about saffron helping with that and started to use saffron in my routine food diet since Jan. Today I got my results back from blood work done and my trigs were down to 130 after a month that I used saffron!!! I know it was the saffron as I have not changed anything but just added your product! I'm very happy to have found saffron! Thanks a lot

25 May, 2015 - Verified Purchase
testimonial 1

Flynn Mann Sy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My kids always refuse to eat seafood I’ve try everything and I did not get any better result. Once we get invited by one of our Persian friends and she made us fish and that taste soooo awesome that party was the first time I saw my kids eating fish happily! I asked her about the recipe and she mentioned Fresh saffron. I searched on the internet and I found these guys the best. I ordered and get my package within 2 days. I started to use it immediately and now we have seafood at least 2 days a week and I don’t have to insist my kids to eat them anymore!

17 March, 2015 - Verified Purchase facebook